Film/TV Production

The staff at TMR is comprised of the country’s most talented film and video professionals, a well-staffed support group and a management team with a long and successful track record. Three decades of experience has afforded us a keen understanding of what it takes to create award-winning productions.

We are creative, energetic risk takers who implement a strategic approach on all projects. We set goals and objectives, then implement realistic action plans that create brilliant visual moments.

Be it a film or video production, commercial, music video, corporate communication, live action event, concert, photo shoot, satellite uplink, NTSC or PAL edit, TMR can put everything you need right into your hands, on time and within budget.

Additionally, we can arrange your transportation needs, book you a great hotel room, or reserve a table for you at one of South Florida’s great restaurants... whatever it takes to make your shoot with us comfortable and creative.

With more than a quarter of a century working in South Florida’s burgeoning film community, TMR is able to supply you with the best creative, production, and technical personnel in all of Florida.

Our experience includes development and production of a wide range of TV shows including original programming and first-run syndication for both broadcast and cable. Here are just some of the TMR shows that have gotten America talking:

• First Impressions
• Pay Dirt
• Lawn Rangers
• Aheadline News
• Double Or Nothing
• Weird Stuff
• Civil Wars
• You Make The Laws

Additional TV Projects include:

Ahead-line News
TMR created and produced the country’s first TV program to give viewers tomorrow’s news, today. A traditionally-formatted news program, Ahead-line News was anchored by the world’s top psychics, including the National Enquirer’s favorite seer, Micki Dahne. Any television news show can give you the news after, or even while, it’s happening. But only one news show gives viewers the news before it happens.

Bare Essentials News
The country’s first bona fide newscast with all bikini- and Speedo-clad anchors and reporters, Bare Essentials News garnered worldwide publicity before and after its debut, with on-air auditions held live on Fox News Channel’s Fox and Friends. Bare Essentials News spawned a whole new genre of newscasts and imitators who covered – or uncovered – the format, most notably, Naked News.

TMR worked with the Bell Companies to develop the world's first Video Yellow Pages, employing a synergistic methodology that made it a forerunner of today's internet-based directories. CTV enabled heretofore competitive media including newspapers, Yellow Pages, television and radio stations to join forces and complement each other in a symbiotic, profit-oriented venture.