Crime Tapes Program

TMR Multimedia is bringing citizens and businesses together to fight/prevent crime with a new program that uses tiny, inexpensive keychain video cameras that allow Americans to videotape crime and suspicious activities wherever they see it.


“Citizen involvement is by far the most effective way to solve crimes.”

Deputy Chief Tom Stolz. Wichita, KS

Law enforcement agencies, municipalities, businesses and citizens across America have joined forces to thwart the country’s rising crime rate by providing Americans with a potent weapon to fight crime: Tiny keychain video cameras with which people can easily and safely record criminal and suspicious activity anytime they see it. The video can be uploaded anonymously to tip lines at police departments and other law enforcement agencies, as well as to the Crime Tapes website.

The keychain cameras are easy to operate and look like ordinary car key fobs. They can record 720 x 480 high-resolution color video (up to 100 minutes), capture audio and store 60,000 still images. The camera is quite inexpensive (about $10 including shipping) and has 4GB storage (expandable to 8GB). The camera recharges quickly through its USB port.

Citizens, fed up with rising crime rates and government budget cuts that have required police departments to curtail services, are eagerly taking up the slack to act as the eyes and ears of law enforcement.

The Crime Tapes program is a potent weapon in the fight against crime and is designed to complement the successful Crime Stoppers program, which works to prevent and reduce crime by forming a partnership among the community, law enforcement and the media to offer anonymity and cash rewards to anyone providing information leading to an arrest. Since its inception, Crime Stoppers has led to:

• More than 500,000 arrests
• One million crimes solved
• $4 billion in drugs and drug money seized

There are now more than 300 Crime Stopper programs worldwide.


For more information on the Crime Tapes program, and on how your law enforcement agency, municipality and/or company can sponsor a keychain video camera giveaway, contact:

Margaret Kessler
Project Coordinator